A little bit about myself…

My name is Melissa Smith and I’m a pastry chef and new mom with a passion for food. Classically trained at The Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, I’ve worked in numerous bakeries and restaurants around New Jersey, perfecting the art of pastry.

So how can I help you? Well, after nearly 10 years in the professional kitchen, I’ve got a new job as “Mama” at home. So I’ve turned my attention towards using those skills in my home kitchen and sharing them with other Moms at home through the world of blogging!

This blog is designed to encourage and inspire you to “Chef it Up” at home. I’ll be sharing all my tips, tricks and recipes I’ve learned through my years in the professional kitchen, customized for the kitchen in your home. I’ll cover everything from growing your own ingredients, to organizing the cabinets, to getting the best rise out of your yeasted doughs. All while making time for yourself and your adorable little family.

When not absorbed with the cuteness of my baby girl’s cheeks, I love riding the Peloton, dancing very badly and I dream of someday driving around town on a Vespa delivering bread. I live in NJ with my husband, baby girl and oh-so-adorable pup, Frankenstein.


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